Paul Wu (Founder)
Dr. Paul Wu Horng Jyh is a Taiwanese native with a Masters and Doctorate from the University of Michigan, USA. Previously an academic and an expert in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Database Technologies, he is the inventor of the Mustard Technology patents.

Lin Tian (Founder)
Lin Tian is a native of Shanghai and naturalized Singapore citizen with a master degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has managed several R&D and MNC technical operations across Asia and is a co-inventor of the Mustard Technology patent.

David Brearley (Chairman)
David Brearley led the angel group that helped establish Mustard Technology. David Brearley is a British national, a graduate of Oxford University with over 30 years in financial services including ten years as the CIO of Standard Chartered Bank.

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